How To Make People Love You by Ismail Mubaarak Olayemi (E-book)



Living under the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic lockdown can be very awful. However, it came with some good; it helped fix many interpersonal relationships as many people were able to spend enough time with their families showing love and care. Similarly, it also exposed many people to more business and entrepreneurial skills as many took different courses and acquired certificates.

A concerned friend realized this and he suggested that it is highly important to learn tips that will help us maintain fixed relationships with our families, friends, customers and business partners as we begin to put our business knowledge in use. I agreed with him and organized an online class that was fantastic and fabulous. Participants of the class advised me to compile and modify the lessons learnt in the class for the benefit of other people and there you go. Here is the book!

This book is meant to better you as a person and it was compiled with evidences from the primary sources of the Islamic law−Qur’an and Sunnah. I believe that upon finishing this book, you would have learnt a lot on how to invest in human relationships.

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Mubaarak Olayemi Ismail (aka Aboo Muhsinah, Linesmith or simply Mubaarak) is the CEO of Daarul Ihsaan Collections and presently one of the administrative coordinators of The Message Magazine and Children of Aa’isha Foundation. He has read many books on human management and has also served and still serving as an administrator in different organizations and teams.

Contact: +234 814 690 8934 or [email protected]


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