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Following his first novel, Pearls and Pebbles, Kayode O. Sinmidele Valentine delivers another work of art with him new page tuner, The Void. As a Medical Practitioner, the author writes about his experience as a young doctor trying to build a career as a Paediatrician in Nigeria. Using the first person point of view, he walks the reader through the highlight of his residency, the rush of excitement that comes with new patients and of course, the downside of working in a state owned hospital with a negligent government.

The author shows the multi-phased life that doctors live and the hardship they go through in order to keep up. Amidst unpaid salaries and half paid ones, these doctors have to attend to patients, pay for medical exams, struggle to pass these exams and attend to other unprofessional needs. Even after striving to move up their career ring. They are promoted on paper without financial backup. Also enclosed in this large picture are sub plots-pieces of stories about relatable events involving patients and their guardians. There are success stories of how he passed his thesis defense and other not so successful stories as the one involving 4 children who fell into septic tank (where one of them died in the process). With these ups and downs littered all over the book, it is an array of emotions and actions.

The author competence and creativity must, however, be commended. This is because looking beyond the medical jargons and some technicality, he is not only able to tell a good story but a relatable one where there is something for everyone, even non-medical practitioners. The Void is a captivating, motivational and educational book!

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Dr. Kayode O. Sinmidele Valentine is from the most populous country in Africa: Nigeria where talents send talents on errands. A child’s specialist primarily with interest in creative writings in the genre of the fictional and non – fictional terminologies. Words come to him like magic and stories find him like Miracles. If he is not a doctor, he won’t be a writer. Medicine unleashed the writing in his soul!

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