UnMask: Your Complete Guide to Self-discovery and Purpose by Amarachi Nina Uma-Mba (E-book)



UnMask; is carefully written and packaged to help you find your way, understand yourself and live your passion. Are you confused about your purpose in life? Do you ask yourself the who really am I question? Do you need direction on how to step up and become your dream life? Unmask; has answers to all these questions, inside it are written guidelines and proven principles that will help you understand who you are, what you are passionate about and show you the difference maker in living your purpose. It will take you through the process of becoming everything beautiful you have dreamed of. If you are not allergic to mindset upgrade or a paradigm shift then Unmask; It’s a must read for you, everything you need to know that will transform your life is written inside just for you.

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Amarachi Nina Uma is passionate about helping people discover their uniqueness, gain clarity of purpose and live their passion. She is an on-air personality with a renowned radio station in Nigeria. She is a certified public speaker, career and relationship coach from the Professional Public Speaking and Leadership Academy, Nigeria (PPSLA) who has spoken on different platforms and conferences, inspiring and motivating individuals to live out their full potentials.

Anchored so many inspirational shows including TEDx events. The founder of Nina’s lounge, an online platform that help people understand who they are. She is the convener of “Onitsha Step Up” Conference, an annual inspirational event that helps people gain clarity of purpose and change the narrative in the city she resides.

The host of “LoveSexTra”; an annual relationship event that teach everything love, everything sex and everything parenting targeted at building stronger relationships and godly marriages. Amarachi Nina holds a B.Sc. in Mass communication and an M.Sc. in Communication studies with specialty in Public Relations and Advertising. She is married to a wonderful man and blessed with three lovely kids.


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