Hanyane: A Village Struggles for Eye Health by Erika Sutter, Allen Foster


This book is a record of what African people have taught us about eye care and appropriate teaching methods. The first part of the book is based on the true story of how a group of villagers were encouraged to improve their own eye health, the problems they faced, their mistakes and their successes. The second part is written for health workers at the village level who, as well as preventing and treating general diseases, are required to know about common eye problems. This part explains how to examine an eye patient and to diagnose and manage the common eye disorders. There is also a section on the important health messages which can prevent eye disease and blindness. The third part is a set of lecture notes for ophthalmic assistants and nurses. The lecture notes outline the basic sciences relevant to eye disorders, how to examine an eye patient and the diagnosis and managemnt of the important eye diseases. Together the three parts form a basis for teaching health workers at the primary and secondary levels about eye care. The book emphasizes the two aspects of eye health and prevention of blindness. First, understanding how to work with communities in order to reduce eye disease and blindness and second, knowing about eye disorders and their diagnosis and management.

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