Sphygmomanometer Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with Voice Guidance/Broadcast


  • Pressure sensor and air motor, high measurement accuracy and long life
  • Rapid measurement of systolic blood pressure (high pressure), diastolic blood pressure (low pressure), pulse rate
  • Using fuzzy theory to measure, high accuracy
  • Fully automatic inflation (pressure) and exhaust (decompression)
  • Power supply: 4*batteries (not included)
  • Clearly visible large-screen LCD digital display
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  • 3 minutes automatic shutdown
  • All the measured values can be queried one by one or quickly
  • Select the blood pressure measurement unit of mmHg (or kPa)
  • Voltage 3 (V) display mode LCD digital display
  • Measuring range 20-280 (mmHg)
  • Measurement method: oscillometric method
  • Pressure accuracy ± 3 (mmHg)
  • Pulse accuracy ± 5 (%)
  • Automatic shutdown function
  • Technical Parameters:
  • Power supply: 4*batteries (not included)
  • Display mode: LCD digital display
  • Measuring range: 20-280 (mmHg)
  • Measurement method: pulse scanning method / oscillometric method
  • Pressure accuracy: ±3 (mmHg)
  • Pulse accuracy: ± 5 (%)
  • Applicable working temperature: +5-+40 (°C)
  • Exhaust mode: fully automatic rapid exhaust mode
  • Auto off function: Yes
  • Voice broadcast type: full English voice

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