Medical Parasitology by D.R. Arora (5th Edition)


The fifth edition of Medical Parasitology has been thoroughly revised and yet the book is not unwieldy or bulky. Classification of parasites and treatment of parasitic infections have been updated. Opportunistic parasitic infections in AIDS cases and nosocomial parasitic infections have been described in one of the chapters. Diagrams of the life cycles of the parasites are computer-drawn with simple line sketches. New parasitic figures have been added. Indian data have been given in most of the chapters. For quick revision, Overview of Parasitology has been given in the last chapter of the book. Diagrammatic representation of relative sizes and morphology of protozoa and helminthic eggs at the end of the book has good visual impact and will help in understanding the importance of micrometry in diagnostic parasitology. The language is lucid and easy to understand. This book shall be highly useful to undergraduate and postgraduate students, clinicians and medical laboratory technology students.

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