Essentials of Mental Health Nursing by Basavanthappa B. T.

This book is designed to provide nursing students with the knowledge and skills needed for mental health care in various settings ranging from hospital-based to community-based with growing interest in delivering such care in primary health care settings. The information provided is based on established knowledge and practice backed by the scientific principles. The entire text flows sequentially and each chapter stands on its own merit and may be read independently. Simplicity and lucidity of language has been maintained so that students can grasp the subjects very clearly and completely.

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A source of inspiration for all those who wish to serve humanity through this noble profession. Table of Contents 1 Introduction to Mental Health Nursing 2 Principles and Concepts of Mental Health Nursing 3 Assessment of Mental Health Status 4 Therapeutic Communication and Nurse-Patient Relationship 5 Treatment Modalities and Therapies 6 Nursing Management of Schizophrenia and Other Psychotic Disorders 7 Nursing Management of Mood Disorders 8 Nursing Management of Neurotic, Stress Related Disorders 9 Nursing Management of Somatization and Other Related Disorders 10 Nursing Management of Substance Abuse Related Disorders 11 Nursing Management of Personality Disorder 12 Nursing Management of Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders 13 Nursing Management of Eating Disorders 14 Nursing Management of Sleep Disorders 15 Nursing Management of Childhood and Adolescent Disorders 16 Psychiatric Emergencies and Crisis Intervention 17 Nursing Management of Organic Brain Disorders 18 Legal Issues in Mental Health Nursing 19 Community Mental Health Nursing (CMHN) Index Printed Pages:

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