Fundamentals of Nursing: The Art and Science of Person-Centered Care by Carol R. Taylor, Pamela B. Lynn (9th Edition)


Proven, approachable, and part of a complete nursing fundamentals solution, Fundamentals of Nursing: The Art and Science of Patient-Centered Care, 9th Edition , instills an exceptional foundation for clinical confidence and effective patient-centered care.

This bestselling fundamentals solution is easy to read and rich with student-friendly features that help students develop the knowledge and clinical skills to succeed in their nursing education. Trusted content not only details the basics of nursing—health promotion, the use of scientific rationales, and the approved nursing process—but also builds essential patient safety, communication, and critical thinking capabilities.

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This edition adds New features that encourage reflection, highlight QSEN-related content, and familiarize students with emerging technology they will likely encounter in practice. A New informatics chapter prepares students for their important role working with emerging health information technology and managing patient data. Case-based clinical scenarios put chapter concepts in a realistic context, and content throughout integrates seamlessly with a suite of teaching and learning tools to bring the entire nursing continuum to life and equip students to excel throughout their nursing careers.

  • New! Reflective Practice Leading to Personal Learning callouts cultivate a person-centered approach to nursing care.
  • New! Clinical vignettes personalize the clinical application of concepts and integrate with vSim for Nursing for patient-specific reinforcement of commonly encountered scenarios and conditions.
  • New! Technology Alerts familiarize students with emerging devices and software they’ll likely encounter in the clinical setting.
  • New! Informatics chapter reflects the increasingly important role of data and information technology in patient care.
  • New! QSEN boxes in every chapter help students ensure compliance with Quality and Safety Education for Nurses competencies.
  • New! Legal Alerts help students ensure compliance with important laws and considerations related to clinical practice.
  • New! Watch & Learn Videos clarify key concepts and procedures in engaging detail.
  • Revised! Illustrated Concept Maps engage visual learners, simplify complex topics, and strengthen students’ clinical reasoning skills.
  • Case scenarios in each chapter encourage holistic patient care and reflection on critical thinking questions.
  • PICO (patient/problem, intervention, comparison, outcome) displays guide students through a structured, evidence-based approach to answering clinical questions.
  • Concept Mastery Alerts improve students’ understanding of potentially confusing topics.
  • Apply Your Critical Thinking features challenge students to think deeply on key concepts.
  • Patient Care Plans and Skills sections outline streamline students’ transition from the classroom to clinical practice.

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