Manual of Midwifery and Gynecological Nursing by Annamma Jacob


The third edition of Manual of Midwifery and Gynecological Nursing is designed to help nurses and midwifery students to function competently in planning and implementing need-based nursing care to their patients. The revised procedure of ‘basic life support and the list of nursing diagnoses’ are added. Few additional topics and more information are incorporated considering the suggestions of people who use the book. The basic format of the manual is retained because of widespread satisfaction of midwifery students of BSc Nursing, General Nursing and other Midwifery courses. Study questions and answers are added for self-paced learning of students.



• Third edition of the manual presents the topics of midwifery and gynaecological nursing in brief form.

• The topics included in the book provide comprehensive coverage of the subjects-midwifery and gynecological nursing.

• Topic-wise arrangement of the content in alphabetic order serves for quick and easy reference.

• Study questions of multiple choice types are included to serve students.

• The book is intended to be used as a handy reference and study material for nursing students, professional nurses and practicing midwives.

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