Current Diagnosis & Treatment Obstetrics & Gynecology by Alan DeCherney, Ashley Roman (12th Edition)


•The single-source OB/GYN resource acclaimed for its currency, comprehensiveness, and strong focus on the practical aspects of clinical diagnosis and patient management
•Expanded and extensively updated to reflect the latest research and advances – including the concepts of precision medicine
•Of value to medical students, residents, and practicing physicians who will find this an outstanding guide to the management of common and uncommon conditions
•Ready-to-apply coverage of more than 1,000 diseases and disorders
•Strikes the perfect balance between brevity and clinical necessity, delivering exactly the amount of information needed for quick diagnosis, effective treatment, and improved outcomes
•Strong emphasis on disease prevention and evidence-based medicine
•Hundreds anatomic drawings, image studies, diagrams, charts, and graphs
•NEW CHAPTER on Benign Disorders of the Uterine Corpus; Cardiac Disorders in Pregnancy and Pulmonary Disorders in Pregnancy are now two separate chapters for more detailed, focused coverage of these important topics
•Quick-access design facilities use at the point of care


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