A Textbook of Ophthalmology by Dr. E. Ahmed (2nd Edition)


Since the first edition of A Textbook of Ophthalmology, published in 1993, many important advances have been made in this growing scientific discipline. This second edition takes due account of these changes, recording up-to-date developments in all aspects of ophthalmology: basic, investigative, clinical, and management. The author also discusses ophthalmic surgery, latest techniques and modern developments in this speciality. The state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques, drugs, lasers and ophthalmic operations have all been described at length.

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 While updating, most chapters have been extensively revised with incorporation of new matter, figures, colour photographs and tables. The book is divided into seven parts, dealing with anatomy and embryology, ocular physiology, microbiology, ocular therapeutics, optical defects and ocular examinations, ocular diseases and ocular affections in systemic diseases, and surgical procedures. In appendices, formulary of tropical ophthalmic preparations and ophthalmic instruments are discussed in detail. A list of references at the end of each chapter will be helpful to those who wish to pursue further a particular topic. The second edition presented in an easy-to-use and accessible style is designed to be an exhaustive and comprehensive textbook for students of ophthalmology both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It can also fulfil the need for a valuable work of reference of lasting usefullness to practising ophthalmologists. Contents: Preface to the First Edition. Preface to the Second Edition. Introduction. Abbreviations. Part One-Anatomy and Embryology. Part Two-Ocular Physiology. Part Three-Microbiology. Part Four-Ocular Therapeutics, Optical Defects and Ocular Examinations. Part Five-Ocular Diseases and Ocular Affections in Systemic Diseases. Part Six-Surgical Procedures. Part Seven-Miscellaneous Aspects. Appendix I: Formulary of Tropical Ophthalmic Preparations. Appendix II: Ophthalmic Instruments.

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