Pharmaceutical Calculations by Ashutosh Kar


This vitally important and fundamental text is intended to serve as the most coveted resource compendium for effectively practicing and mastering various basic calculations used invariably in the contemporary pharmacy practice. This authoritative book, Pharmaceutical Calculations, is based on the clean valid reasoning supported with an expilicit programmed format that eventually forms a needful mastery of great significance with respect to concepts, logistics, and techniques rather promptly and efficaciously. The user- friendly classic text indeed inculcates and enthuse a remarkable active- learning approach for the pharmacy students, pharmacists, and professionals in tacking and solving most calculation-related problems invariably encountered in hospital, community, and industrial set ups.

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It is an indispensable guide for the critical calculations much needed for such essential requirements like filling prescriptions, filling medication orders, calculation doses, compounding/ preparing formulas. Features and Highlights Inclusion of newer concepts. Each section emphasises the crucial relevance of a calculation to a specific dosage form, pharmaceutical usage, or clinical implication. A self-paced learning module to encourage the reader to reinforce and acquire additional knowledge on already learned concepts. Additional practice problems appended to chapters to help the users to build-up confidence, strengthen, and challenge their in- depth calculation skills via problem solving. An overall emphasis pertaining to dimensional analysis as well as direct approaches to problem solving methodologies. The text offers a vivid, lucid, and comprehensive resource material that entails an extremely practical descriptive profile of pharmaceutical calculations which focuses solely upon the current professional requirement.

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