Pharmacy Practice and Tort Law by Fred Weissman, James Pinder


Pharmacy Practice and Tort Law is written to help pharmacy students better understand the concepts of tort law and apply it to their own experiences. Focusing on the civil liabilities a pharmacist may face in real-world practice, the book describes each tort in detail, outlining the elements that must be proven for successful litigation.

Written with the belief that the best – and most engaging – way to learn abstract pharmacy law is through case presentations, Pharmacy Practice and Tort Law features at least one case per chapter. These cases demonstrate how the concepts discussed pertain to real-life situations and illustrate exactly what is necessary to be successful. Students are not only introduced to tort cases related to pharmacy practice, but are provided with a clear understanding of how the tort rules apply to the facts of a given case.

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Pharmacy Practice and Tort Law begins with a history of tort law to orient students to the material being covered. The second chapter offers valuable guidance on how to “brief” a case. The remainder of the book focuses on the various torts that are most relevant to the practice of pharmacy.

In order to reinforce learning, each chapter ends with important take-away messaging, including:

  • What should students remember about this case?
  • How does it apply to the current practice of pharmacy?

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